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Breathing the Pain Away

Breathing the Pain Away

There is something that is very important for human function and that is breathing properly.  Without breath, there really is no life in the human body and that we would simply die within just a few minutes after losing the oxygen that we are constantly taking in.  Not only is it important for our life in general, it is also important for us to make sure that we are properly oxygenating our body in order to ensure that it is functioning properly.  Not only can this help us to maintain a high level of health, it may also be able to help us to deal with any pain that we would be experiencing.

Pain is a normal human response to certain stimuli and it helps us, keeping us from hurting ourselves in a number of different ways.  There are times, however, when the pain that we are experiencing becomes chronic and at that point, there are very few things that we can do in order to alleviate the situation.  Sometimes people feel this chronic pain as a result of disease within the body while at other times, it may be as a result of injuries that the body has gone through.  Regardless of why it is that we are feeling it, properly managing the pain is one of the problems that we may find ourselves facing.

Whenever we breathe properly, several different things take place.  First of all, the blood becomes full of oxygen which is carried to various areas of the body.  In some cases, this oxygen rich blood will flow to the area where we are experiencing pain, giving us some relief.  At other times, it will help us by building up our health in general, which can also make us more effective at managing the pain we are experiencing.

In order to receive the full benefit that breathing properly gives to us, it may be necessary for us to adjust the way that we breathe whenever we are not thinking about it.  Old habits, such as breathing shallow may take several weeks or perhaps months to correct.  As long as we are conscious about the way that we are breathing regularly, however, we can make the switch.  It also helps for us to do deep breathing exercises, purposefully filling our lungs with oxygen which will be beneficial for the body.  Doing these things regularly can help to calm the mind, relieve stress and manage pain.

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